Tough doesn't even scratch the surface

The Z Tech product line is manufactured by the largest automotive chemical manufacturer in the United States.  This enables Z Tech to provide customers with a fully insured “National Warranty” on new and pre-driven cars less than 3 years old.
  • Rust Protection: 

Today’s new vehicles are still susceptible to rust, even though they come with factory “rust protection”.  Most auto manufactures' warranties do not cover environmental damage against road salt and calcium chloride.   Z Tech’s rust guard product gets seam penetration and meets military specifications.   Our team of experts has been protecting Michigan’s vehicles from corrosion for over 30 years!

  • Paint Protection:

Even though every new vehicle has a clear coat of paint on it, it has little protection from environmental damage.  The EPA has informed consumers about the deteriorating effects of acid rain

The environmental fallout, acid rain, actually turns into sulfuric and nitric acids, which may damage your vehicles’ paint finish.  Z Tech is so confident in its new Environmental Platinum Paint Protection that they back it with a national warranty that states, “We will have a panel repainted if damaged by environmental pollution such as acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, fading, chalking or loss of gloss occurs.”

  • Interior Protection:

Interior Z TECH Fabric and Leather Protection protects against normal soiling and spills of dirt, water, coffee, food, fading, etc.  The warranty covers replacement of carpet or seats if it does not clean up.